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Server Management Services

If your company is to maintain its competitive edge, you have to reduce server operational expenses, increase server availability, improve data protection and enhance flexibility. Your servers have to become more agile and responsive to changes in the marketplace, and they have to be operating at peak efficiency. To help you achieve this our services include:

  • ➧ Server Performance Management
  • ➧ Server Security Management
  • ➧ Service & Task Management (services like exchange, dominos, Antivirus, Blackberry, Backup, file server, print server, AD server, etc)
  • ➧ Server Migration
  • ➧ Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • ➧ Server Consolidation ( LBS , failover & Mirroring)
  • ➧ Server Monitoring
  • ➧ Server data backup and recovery
  • ➧ Server vulnerabilities management
  • ➧ Server Virtualization services
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