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Remote Infrastructure Management services

Businesses today face a considerable challenge to effectively optimize their IT infrastructure and related operations and deliver ever-improving service levels to meet and exceed the expectations of their business-users without compromising on quality and security. More and more companies are turning towards TOTAL Infrastructure Management Services as the answer to this need.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) at one level is an alternative to existing sourcing models of Infrastructure Management Services (which are also often addressed in a separately such as Security or Storage/Database Management etc). RIM services consist of remote (outside the physical premises of a company’s facilities) monitoring and managing the infrastructure components and taking proactive steps and remedial actions across the IT landscape. If required the RIM can be undertaken through a combination of offshore/near-shore/global delivery center which is often termed as an Operations Management Centre (OMC).ce provider. Effectives team can monitor and manage your infrastructure, ensuring uptimes and availability through the following services:

  • ➧ Service desk / Help desk
  • ➧ Proactive monitoring of server and network devices
  • ➧ Workstation Management
  • ➧ Server Management
  • ➧ Storage management
  • ➧ Application support
  • ➧ IT security Management
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